Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hope in Kingston: Our Trip to Kingston's Botanical Gardens

Now that the threat of Tropical Storm Thomas is behind us, Mommy, Gasi, and I decided to venture out of our safe home well-stocked with all types of hurricane preparedness things- you know, water, water, bottled tap water, more water, canned food, candles, matches, etc.- and take a trip to....WENDY'S!!! Yay!! I had ( I won't speak for Mommy or Negasi) a serious fast food itch.  I know how pathetic that sounds, but it's the truth.  
Anyway, that's not what this blog post is about.  It's about what we did after we stuffed our faces at Wendy's, which was take a stroll through one of Jamaica's Botanical Gardens, Hope Gardens.  I think I can speak for all three of us when I say we were amazed at the ability to simply walk through a tall gate (the entrance to Hope Gardens) and take ourselves away from the madness and haste that is Kingston.  The whole time there all I could think was, 'Dudus WHO? Political strife WHAT? Murder capitol WHERE?'  Hope Gardens is FREE to the public- this is a first for me in JA so I was appreciative of this alone.  The Gardens are so expansive that we did not and could not possibly have walked the entire grounds in one afternoon.  Natural beauty abounds the Gardens.  Think beautiful, ancient trees with roots whose strength you just don't see in NYC (I can't talk for the South or the rest of the US.)  OK, OK, so this is one of those things you must see.  Enough with the descriptions!! For your viewing pleasure:

Curly weave?

There he goes.

Here I come.

Mommy and Negasi.


Excited about nature...

Let's call this the 'Tree of Life'

Does this remind anyone else of Coming to America's Zamunda??

These trees make me laugh for some reason..

Everyone should hug a tree once in their lifetime.

Charlie Brown joined us for the day.

Real Bushman...I kid you not he opted to sit and eat his popsicle on this tree stump as opposed to the neatly crafted bench just steps away.  IMMEDIATELY after he took his shoes off!! Then, he orders me to remove mine.

Nature's footrest.

Return to nature

The view from down below.

This sculpture really spoke to Mommy and I because we've had to get down and dirty washing clothes by hand...we have no washer : (

Negasi against a massive tree trunk.


  1. These are amazing pictures! I'm happy to hear that you, Mommy, and Gasi enjoyed the gardens so much. It's such a contrast from what we're experiencing in NY -- falling leaves and brisk autumn air. While I love this weather, I can't wait to visit JA.

    I give you much props (all my 80s babies stand up) for holding your own in a new environment. Keep up the wonderful work and give my muva aka Mommy and my Gasi kisses for me.

  2. hi nicole glad to see u guys are out and about ...the pics show happy people enjoying themselves ...happy to see that....that place has been there since i was a kid so u can just imagine how old those trees are. they use to have an amusement park too but dont know what happen to that..memories wow..counting down the days

  3. Thanks, Da. I try. I try. Will give Mommy and Gasi kisses.

    Grandma Lavern, nope, no amusement park there. There is a zoo, which we talked about. Haha. Don't you just love those trees?? We had Negasi pointing out beautiful trees too. Lol.

    Counting down too. : )

  4. I miss you all! I wish I was there to experience that. Those trees are massive. I love the pictures you took Cole!

    Gasi eating too much breadfruit with his chubby cheeks. I see he replaced his Iron man with Charlie Brown... lol...

    Hey Ma, did you hug any trees?

    Awesome post