Monday, February 28, 2011

3 Years in the Making

Negasi is 3 today-yay!! Can you imagine? It's been 3 years since he was re-introduced to the world (still trying to figure out what he was doing here before.)

Negasi celebrated his day at school having treats with his friends.

I'll share with you some photos of Negasi's progression since he was 'unearthed' until today...

True Pisces..notice the fish tail.

2 of Negasi's favorite cartoon characters.  Concerned? Just a tad.

He's awoken to a celebration.  No, his excitement level didn't increase much more than this.

His class of mainly boys.

Trying to handle the ice cream situation (it's always a 'situation' when it comes to ice cream.

That's young Shawn at the head of the table. He and Negasi are good friends.  I admire Shawn for his level of maturity.  He opted not to wear a party hat because of the discomfort it caused him, nor did he want an ice cream cone. He said it was too messy.

Peace and Love.


  1. Enjoyed Gasi's B'day pictures of his party. We all wish we were there to celebrate with him.
    Aunties Tiff, Darise, Cagney, Grandma & Pop Pop all wish him a VERY HAPPY 3rd Birthday.


    Grandma & all.

  2. Awesome pictures! I love seeing him as a baby because he truly looks like a tadpole who transformed into a beautiful fish. Tadpole, fish...follow me. Love you all! Happy birthday, Negasi!

  3. Loved the story cool b-day...ironically it was the same thing for Caleb,including the excitement level of his classmates...they had just woke