Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bob Marley, Immortal Soul

So we took a trip to the Bob Marley museum over the weekend.  This marked my second visit and it was just as rewarding as the first.  It's definitely a tourist-y spot but I'd recommend it to any and everyone with just an ounce of admiration for Bob- excuse me- the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley.  He received this title when, in 1981, he was awarded Jamaica's third highest honor, the Order of Merit.
Is this or is this not an awesome pic?  Come on, I expect to see some comments on this one.  At long last, we get a glimpse into what Negasi was up to during his past life.  Hehe.
I mean, I have for a long time been a fervent Bob fan, which has led me to learn his life story, a majority, if not all, of his music, etc. etc., but I still got chills as I walked through a guided tour of his former home and recording studio turned museum located on Hope Road in Kingston.  I would definitely go as far as saying his spirit was alive and present in the home while we were there.  Unfortunately, but understandably cameras are not allowed inside the museum so I haven't a thing to show you of the actual exhibit inside the home.  However, I'd use the following words to describe the tour.  Breathtaking. Skin tingling. Inspirational.
OK. I'm going to keep this post short, but I want to leave you with a few sidenotes.
1. Bob Marley was once named 2nd sexiest man in the world. (faints on the floor)
2. I had a Wayne Marshall sighting shortly after leaving the museum.  I know, I know.  Less exciting, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Peace and LOVE!!
Can ya see me? Can ya see me?


  1. Thank you for the history lesson. I love the tidbit about Marley being named 2nd sexiest man in the world. The world! That's crazy.

    The pic of J-man and Gasi is breathtaking. It looks like Dad and Son were melded into the photo. You should enter it into a photo contest. Generations collide. Merge. Become one. Become two. The caption possibilities are endless.

    And yes, we see you. You look stunning. Get em girl!

  2. Da, I know! Sexy man, bob marley to di world!

    Thanks for the kudos on the pics. As soon as I took it and looked at it I loved it. You're right. So many possible captions.

    Jumaane took the pic I'm in. He was being lazy, but thanks anyway.

  3. WOW! That picture is awsome! I scanned it with my eyes before I noticed that there were 2 people that didn't belong, but they fit in so well... LOL... And you my dear stunning as always! EMPRESS!!!

    I love Bob Marley facts I am a huge fan as well please keep those coming... I feel like I grew up with him almost like he was in my house how much we loved Bob in my home. But no matter how much I think I know some one always finds ways to amaze me. I guess there's just that much to know about him...

    Hope Jamaica is still treating you ok!!!

  4. Hi Kilah,

    Who doesn't love Bob Marley??!! OK, OK, not everyone, but there's so much to love about him- his music, his message, his legacy and the list goes on. Anyhoo, thanks for the comment.

    Kilah, Jamaica isn't treating me OK. BUT that's OK. This wouldn't be an adventure if it was. Anything for those stripes, right? Well, not anything...

  5. hi nicole love the pics ....considering how many children bob Marley hav and the numerous baby mom he should most definetly had to be named 2nd sexist man in the world... as soon as i saw that pic with maane and gasi i liked it but i wanted to see more pics... sorry to hear jamacia is not treating u right..i feel so bad my country is so disgraceful...i hope school ur go by fast..really miss u guys bad...