Saturday, December 18, 2010

Passing Through Portland

So we visited Portland, a parish of Jamaica voted most beautiful among the handful of native-born Jamaicans I've asked.  A few quick facts on Portland:
- It has the lowest crime rate in Jamaica.
- It is the birthplace of Jamaica's famous jerk sauce.

Unfortunately, on the day that we visited Jamaica was experiencing some very odd cold weather.  It was also rainy so we were unable to swim in Portland's beautiful beaches.  After 2 hours of driving from Kingston to our destination we ate at an ital restaurant...magnifique!  We then saw a cool-looking castle-like structure, stopped at the Blue Lagoon, drove over the Rio Grande, watched some surfers do their thing in the rough waters, and sampled some jerk chicken (Mommy had jerk lobster) roasted breadfruit and sweet potato.  Despite the rain we had a good time and saw first hand just how beautiful Portland is.
You can see from this pic just how cold it was in JA this day.  Negasi is wearing long pants and a hoodie.  Ignore my footwear.

This is the bridge we took to cross the Rio Grande and the Rio Grande below, of course.

An old (let's think haunted, possibly) castle. Whoo,whooo (my ghost voice)

Snapshot of the Blue Lagoon.  Look at that blue!!

Us at the Blue Lagoon. 

These are fishnets.  I just thought the concept was so innovative.  What do you think?
 Well, that concludes this post, folks.  I just wanted to give all interested a look at what we're up to on a semi-regular basis.  Thanks for following!

Peace and Love.

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